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Steve McKenna



Steve started out putting on events for one of the biggest marketing companies in Europe, before he knew it he was on radio and telly and was hosting the events before becoming interested in the technical side of them and filling a warehouse with sound, light and staging equipment. It’s given him a 360 degree understanding of what you need to run an amazing event. Here’s a few titbits from his work history : Trained by BBC News, Steve McKenna is an award winning journalist and broadcaster who : marketed the Spice Girls, had a hit record, does movie voice-overs, presented shows for every major TV channel in the UK, holds a doctorate in metaphysics, has broadcast illegally from Cuba for BBC Radio 1, been forced to strip naked by Westlife, he has coeliac disease, he once spent the day with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, he introduced Shirley Manson to Butch Vig to form Garbage, has broadcast live from the Oscars for BBC News, wrote comedy for Radio’s 2 and 4, introduced Quentin Tarantino to haggis, his mother was a faith healer, his father was an opera singer turned private detective, his 10 year old daughter appeared with him on Real Radio Scotland since the age of 2 and……lots more that you’re probably better chatting to him about. Charity is a big thing in Steve’s life and he provides a free consultation service for non-profit organisations that want to translate highly technical audio visual quotes into plain English. If there’s a cheaper way of safely cutting a technical corner and saving on budget Steve will find it!

All session by Steve McKenna


08:30 AM

Gathering & Welcome Speech

by Steve Mckenna

09:30 AM

Glasgow Masterclass – Session 1

by James Sinclair

09:46 PM


12:30 PM

Afternoon Session Starter

by Steve McKenna & Steve Gaston

01:30 PM

Glasgow Masterclass – Session 2

by James Sinclair

13:45 PM

Closing Thoughts & Thank You

by Steve McKenna

16:30 PM
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